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Our Vision

The Catholic High School student is a leader, gentleman and bilingual scholar of high integrity and robust character, who is passionate about life, learning and service to others.

公教学生是个具有高尚情操, 坚韧个性,同时,热爱生活,热爱学习, 并且愿为人群服务的领袖、双语学者与彬彬君子。


Tradition of Excellence in
Catholic High School

The Catholic High School experience is not one that is merely academic. At Catholic High, we believe in producing intelligent, inquisitive and independent minds. We believe in well-roundedness, and a balanced education that comprises of academia, life skills and moral values. We ingrain in our students the desire to be the best that they can be, and equip them with the tools to excel in life. At Catholic High, we also provide a caring environment for our students. It is this culture that instils in them a genuine sense of civic-mindedness and the desire to provide service to others. As such, we have nurtured a crop of professionals – the crème de la crème who give back to society and their peers the way Catholic High strives to provide for their students.

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What is the Joint Integrated Programme?

Catholic High School is proud to introduce the Catholic High School – CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School – Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Joint Integrated Programme (IP) that will accept its pioneer cohort of Secondary One students in January 2013. Through this tri-partite collaboration, our IP will build upon the widely admired Catholic High brand of education and at the same time, add a new dimension through synergising with our associate schools.

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